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As 'player', players baccarat have only one decision to make. If after receiving two cards of his hand value is 5, then it must decide whether to take a third card or not. If by chance the third card corresponds to an axis, a two to a three or a four.

Then the value of the hand s' will increase up to 6, 7, 8 or 9. If the third card appears to be a five, six, seven, eight or nine, then the value of the hand will decrease down to 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4. If the third card turns out to be a ten, a jack, a queen or a king, then the hand value remains 5.

The value of the hand s' increases and decreases with four cards with five. Assuming that the probability is equal to withdraw baccarat game, then the hand has a greater chance of decreasing and then, according to the strategy, the player should not require a third card.

The 'strategic issue and important to note here that the' assumption that all cards are equally likely to be pulled out is not always true. If more high value cards were pulled out, then the probability of pull a third card of value including.

In the same way as 'banker' the player must decide whether to take a third card or not. Computer simulations were performed to determine what 'is the best strategy for the' banker '. If the 'player' does not take a third card, then the 'banker' should take a third card unless the value of his hand is 5 or less.

In baccarat hand is played between a banker and a player dummy dummy. The other players will bet if the banker or the player to win. To determine which of them won, the hands of "the banker" and "player" are evaluated and the highest wins.

The player to the right of first croupier takes the place of "the banker". The banker is the first to place his bet. If a player wants to match the banker bet to say "bank". In that time other players may not place bets.  If no one says "banker" then the other players can place their bets. If the total of all bets of players is lower than that of the "banker", the missing amount can be added by any player. If the sum total of the bets of the players is higher than that of the "banker".
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