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Since, the avid gambler is a man (though there are many exceptions) you have chosen to place the camera in front of the casino dealer live online with a comely young lady. The best game to exploit the potential of the casino with live dealer has blackjack, in which it has a real face to face with the dealer passes the cards on a scanner and these appear on the screen of your PC.

The advantages of playing online casino with live dealers are also others: the ability to "hear" the sounds around the table, listening to the voice of the croupier, and interact via chat with other players. And if you play you want to see what happens in the other tables. Unbelievable but true, some casinos offer the opportunity to virtually walk through the tables and watch real games to play with cameras placed in casinos that actually exist.

Since its inception in 2007, the Top Game software company is having some success on the internet. After declining the theme of ancient with Casino now offers a virtual casino chic and glamorous. But it is the bandits that attract as many players as they feed a progressive jackpot of over 3 million, and the names of three winners.
The list of bonus Casino is long, which clearly demonstrates their desire to make you live in great luxury if ever you win! For starters, the welcome bonus is therefore as it can reach € 1,600. In fact, the bonus of 400% originally proposed applies to your first four deposits. For maximum enjoyment, you should first deposit 100 €, you will receive € 400 Bonus Casino Grand Lure (since 400% of 100 € are € 400).
But the strongest is that it's not all: there is a casino bonus even more important on this site, the one reserved for high rollers. The "high rollers" who will credit, on their first payment, € 500 in their account will receive double or € 1000.

The customer service is totally speaking to you 24 hours 7 days 24 and 7 for the least of your problems. He can be reached by phone, mail and, better still, a chat interface directly integrated in each game (a window on the right side of your screen) that allows you to ask questions without giving up a game in progress.
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