How To Play Blackjack
Another famous name in the field of card counting is Andy Bloch, today perhaps best known as a successful poker player. But it was also part of blackjack team and released a DVD with instructions on counting cards called "Winning Blackjack".

Bloch was also featured in the 2005 documentary on Blackjack "The Hot Shoe" by David Layton. In the film Layton interview card counters like Edward Thorp and Andy Bloch. During filming, Layton has used the knowledge gained from the interviews and played $ 5,000 budget for the film to make a case study.

We would like to emphasize that with the publication of this article have no intention of inviting our readers to try one of these techniques for counting cards in a real casino. Though counting cards is not illegal to calculate the poker table, many Casino 'act as if it were.

Since casinos are considered as private property (at least in the U.S.), have the right to refuse entry to anyone (and, therefore, suggest that the counting of the paper should be an illegal activity). And trust us when we say we will use this right when they think someone is trying to count cards.

For us, counting cards is not nothing but strategic thinking while playing. If you learn to combine a good blackjack strategy with the strategy "card counting bullet-proof", you will have an advantage over the casino ', and a good chance of turning your knowledge into an important win at the blackjack tables.

Just like a poker player decides to bet everything when he or she has calculated that the odds of winning the hand are in his favor, we believe that a blackjack player has the right to raise the bet in situations where a successful outcome of game is predictable.

For us all kinds of cheating, (as past-posting or basis-dealing) should be considered illegal. The same applies to the use of tools such as mirrors or computerized calculators for phone. Keith Taft and son are a classic example, and became famous in 1970 for the construction of mechanical counting devices portable (see photo).
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