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Since the legalization of the industry has made possible the development of the sector in Italy, the arrival of a truly impressive number of rooms of casinos has required a bit of clarity for the sake of our own players.

Sure to do something very pleasing to our readers, we at Casino Online we decided to try for you all casino room with AIMS license available in Italy by providing the most extensive online casino reviews you can find right now on the Net

The list published below is a schematic summary of our assessments and, therefore, we invite you to use it as a starting point to discover all the reviews of the best online casino rooms that are linked in his right margin.

Given the large number of online casinos available, the choice of what might be the best room on which to begin to play their games has become a problem that has suddenly hit the game that both beginners and experienced players who want to discover some trying new software game until a few years ago totally nonexistent.

To make your choice, Casino Online provides you with a series of unbiased reviews of the best online casinos legal in Italy, casinos that allow you to enjoy the Internet safely. Reviews of Online Casinos are the result of tests made by independent and hard game lovers who use our site to exchange opinions about online casinos reviews, trying to escape all those "biased" often found in many websites.

All reviews of online casino were made considering several factors including the type of software used, the variety of available games and bonuses available to players. Knowing then what are the immediate needs of the players.

We accompanied each review with pictures of the game that allow you to understand the level of graphics and a summary table showing all the most significant elements such as the name of the authority responsible for safety, the year of opening of the hall and the methods of storage / retrieval.
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